Questions and Answers

Lots of misinformation about ASD exists out there and we don’t want to add to that pile. Instead, we try to be as clear about ourselves and our program as possible. Below, you’ll find answers to questions we receive all the time. Got a question that we didn’t answer below? Check out our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you.

Is there a guarantee?

Of course. Our program comes with a full satisfaction and money-back guarantee. If you have spent at least 6 hours a week doing our intervention with your child for 3 months and are not seeing a significant drop in their negative behaviors and a significant increase in their skills, just send us an email 90 days after you started the program at info@Aris4Autism and we offer you a full refund.

Is this program beneficial if my child is not diagnosed with autism?

Having a diagnosis for autism or some other disorder for that matter is not a requirement to start the Aris 4 Autism program! If you think that your child shows some signs of autism, such as delayed language or social development, they can most certainly benefit from our intervention.

Can your program be used together with other programs?

Absolutely. Many of our clients are also receiving, for example, speech or occupational therapy.

I am the parent of several children on the spectrum or I teach several autistic students. Can I join?

Certainly, we’ll make an individualized program for each child. Email us at and we’ll give you a discounted price for joining with several children at the same time!

What happens when the 3-month program is over?

Some families decide that the 3-month plan is all they need. If you choose to continue with us after the 3-month period is over, we’ll complete a new assessment and make a new intervention program. This new plan will likely be necessary as your child will have learned lots of things over the past 3 months, so they’ll naturally need a more challenging program!

My child is not verbal. Can I choose your program?

Yes, of course. We’ll show you how to use either sign language or pictures to communicate with your child.

Is there a specific start date?

No. Your family can start whenever you’re ready to start building a better future for your child.

Is this program available in any other language?

Not yet, but we are working on translating the system to some other languages. Please contact us at and let us know what language you are interested in and we’ll let you know as soon as it becomes available.

Is there support available for me as a parent?

We’ve been there. Worrying about your child’s slow language development or perhaps feeling anxious about what’s going to happen to your child when you get older. Anxiety and depression are common among special needs parents. That’s why we wanted to give extra support. Choose our premium plan and you’ll get weekly one-on-one support from our mental health professionals.

But what if I would rather have my child work with an expert?

You can certainly do that. If you can find a good quality therapist in your area and you can afford it, or your insurance covers their fees, go for it! This kind of intervention can be highly effective. Still, even if you get help from experts, you need to learn to apply their intervention principles at home as well. This is why we recommend that even if you have experts serving your child, you should combine our intervention with their help to make sure that you, as parents, are also involved. Also, if you don’t have help from experts but would like to get some, you may wish to consider our premium plan that includes extra support for both you and your child from our experts.

I have a question not listed here. Is there someone I can contact before I join?

Absolutely. Our autism experts gladly answer all your questions at

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Sounds great, BUT…

After hearing all this, maybe you’ve started believing that this intervention might help your loved one. Still, it’s only natural to have some doubts. These are the most common ones we’ve heard:

This seems way too difficult!

We understand that becoming your child’s therapist may seem overwhelming to you. That’s why we’re here to help you. Typically, the most difficult part of treating someone on the spectrum is making an accurate and effective intervention plan. We’re doing all the heavy lifting for you in that area. You’ll get easy, step-by-step instructions on how to implement the plan. We’ll also tell you what to do when things don’t go as planned. Also, you can send us 12 emails during the 3-month intervention period and ask us as many questions as you’d like. Don’t forget that in your private group, you can turn to other parents of autistic children for support and guidance. Still having problems? For an additional fee, we’re also available for one-on-one online sessions with or without your child.

I just don’t have the time!

Think of all the time you’re currently spending on handling your child’s problem behaviors or the time you’re losing because the communication between you and your child isn’t as effective as it could be. Now imagine how much time you’ll be saving when your child is no longer aggressive or can talk! But if you still think that you don’t have the time to carry out the intervention yourself, how about training your nanny or perhaps a grandparent to help you? They’ll get access to the material that’ll be given to you, and our program is easy to pick up even with no prior knowledge of autism or intervention programs.

But my child is different!

We’ve probably heard it all. Perhaps you’re thinking that your child wouldn’t benefit from this program because they’re over 18, non-verbal, diagnosed not only with autism but also with a mental illness, can’t concentrate, refuses to eat, is aggressive, and so on. Our intervention has helped over 99% of our clients regardless of their age, developmental level, or severity of problems. The Aris 4 Autism program works because it’s tailor-made for your unique child.

I’ve already tried everything, and nothing works!

The methods that we use have been shown to be highly effective by countless studies. Since we don’t use a cookie-cutter approach, the methods and tools we pick for your child will very likely be effective in helping your unique child. Also, we make sure that our parents learn to implement the plans we make and know how to collect data that proves real progress is taking place.!

My child does not need to be fixed!

Loving and accepting your child doesn’t mean not wanting to help them improve, right? Even a typically developing child needs to be taught how to write and tie their shoelaces. A child with autism is no different. Our program does not aim to turn your child into something that they aren’t. We won’t try to stop them from doing the kinds of behaviors that aren’t harmful to them or others. For example, if your child likes to rock their body but isn’t hurting themselves in the process, let them! But if they bang their head against the wall until they get hurt, then we’ll show you how to reduce this tendency. Still, in the end, it’s your decision what you want and what you don’t want to include in your child’s program. Our programs always treat our clients and their children with respect.

It’s time to make a decision

Perhaps you want to find an expert to help your child. If so, prepare to face long waiting times and steep prices. Or maybe you’re considering trying to learn how to employ intervention principles on your own. If so, be ready to spend lots of time reading up on techniques, principles, and the latest research findings. Or you can trust Aris4Autism, a company that has been shown to get results with more than 99% of their clients! We would be happy to assess your child, build an individualized program, and teach you how to become your child’s therapist. We’ll do this for a fraction of the cost of using experts, and all you’ll have to do is invest about 6 hours a week to help your child reach their personal best! The choice is yours.

Welcome to Aris4Autism family!

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