Our Mission

Aris4Autism empowers parents with evidence-based digital solutions, and expert help so that autistic children can leap towards independence and happiness.

Our Vision

  • Each autistic person should be seen as unique and receive different kind of intervention depending on their developmental level, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • The best treatment for autism, combines several evidence-based tools and always involves parents.
  • Autism treatment should build skills to increase independency and only aim to reduce the kind of challenging behaviors that can harm either the autistic individual or those around him.
  • Every autistic person regardless of where they live or where they are on the spectrum should get the treatment that they need to live as independently and happily as possible.
  • Each autistic individual has unique qualities that make them wonderfully autistic and instead of trying to “fix” autistic people, society should see them as valued, contributing members of the community.

Barkaia, A, BCBA

has over 15 years of experience working with children with autism, developmental delays and behaviour difficulties. She is a co-author of the book “How to manage child’s behaviour” and co-founder of Applied Psychology and Research Center in Tbilisi/Georgia. Ana’s experience also includes supervising autism clinics in Georgia-Sakartvelo and in Malta.

Gil Caparros, M. BCBA and Special Education teacher

and is trained in both US and Philippines Diliman (cum laude). He has immersed and served special needs children in the Philippines, Singapore, Australia, Dubai and Kuwait over the last 13 years. He is passionate about early intervention, inclusive education, parent training, and pivotal response training.

Gordon, K. PhD, psychologist

has over 15 years of experience diagnosing and treating children with autism. She is a former neuropsychology professor and has trained both parents and professionals on matters related to autism and psychological disorders.

Eidman, S. psychologist and BCBA

has over 25 years of experience supporting individuals with developmental disabilities in the US and Irland. She has a strong interest in naturalistic and developmentally appropriate early intervention, positive behaviour supports to reduce challenges and improve well-being, and use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to support children who struggle with anxiety or emotion regulation.

Jashunina, N. Psychologist and, DIRFloortime (playtherapy) Expert Training Leader

has years of experience on applying playtherapy as an intervention method with autistic children. Not only has she used this method with her own clients but she has also trained other professionals and parents to use this amazing methods in Ukraine.

Lynch, J. BCBA

has almost 20 years of experience in early intervention in home as well as school settings in Irland. She has extensive experience and strong interests in parent training and verbal behaviour.

Reales Pulido, B. BCBA

is a Clinical Director of ABA Sin Límites and has extensive experience treating autism (TEA), hyperactivity (ADHD), pervasive developmental disorders, learning disorders, as well as language delay and disruptive behaviors. During her career, she has worked in England, as well as Spain.

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