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The mission of Aris4Autism Inc. is to turn the parents of an autistic person into their child’s best therapist, so that the parents learn how to significantly increase their child’s skills while eliminating or greatly reducing their negative behaviors.

We do this by providing each of our clients a comprehensive assessment, and custom-made intervention program. We also teach the parents how to implement this program and provide them with everything they need for achieving these great results.

Our results are guaranteed and proven effective! But we don’t change the lives of the people on the spectrum alone. Partner with us, to change your life as well! We will show you how to make a part- or full-time income while promoting our products

Commission Structure

Aris4Autism values both our clients and our partners. To prove this, we offer our affiliates 30% commission on all or digital products. In addition, if your family is our client as well, you can also earn free membership months as well as free products every time someone purchases something from us because you shared with them the good news about us!

Sticky Cookies

Because of our advanced browser “Sticky Cookie” process, once someone has opted in OR purchased through your affiliate link, you will earn commissions on just about ANYTHING they buy. That means they could Opt In for a Free program, then buy supplements a week later because of the “Sticky Cookies” you would still get paid for letting us do the work for you!

2 Step Order Forms

Every single one of our offers has what we call a “2 Step Order Form”. That means we’re sticky cookie-ing, on average, 3 people as a contact on your behalf for every 1 that buys! That means your 4x more likely to get paid for something they buy later even if they didn’t convert right away! Remember, the Master Sequence is your best friend 😉

Reoccurring Commissions

We are OBSESSED with keeping our customers and treating them well. This is AMAZING news for you. With one of the most highly engaged group of raving customers on the planet, you know your recurring commissions will keep pouring in because we obsess over keeping the customers you work hard to bring in. This results in a massive residual income paying you every single month. Please email with any questions you may have.

If you refer even just an email opt-in or abandoned cart into our system, that contact will be LOCKED to you for ONE YEAR and you will get paid on ANYTHING on the chart above that they buy from us.

Apply To Become An Aris4Autism Partner NOW!

Follow Your Referred Visitors Across All Of Their Devices - If someone Opts In for our program at the office, or on their phone, but then buys when they are at home... don't worry! Our 365 Sticky Cookies have you covered and we will make sure you still get paid! Choose The Offer That you like the most - Simply pick and promote any of our high converting front end offers and reap the benefits of our entire Conversion Engine. From our pay $1 today and rest a week later to any of our other offers you pick what you promote, and then we pay you for everything listed above your traffic buys for life.


Step #1 - Apply & Be Notified Of Acceptance Within 48 Hours

Step #2 - Get Your Affiliate Links & Schedule Your Promotion

Step #3 - Start Getting Paid COMMISSIONS By Promoting Any Of Our Proven Funnels

Step #4 - Email if you need help and our Partnership Manager will wet In touch within 2 days!


Lots of misinformation about ASD exists out there and we don’t want to add to that pile. Instead, we try to be as clear about ourselves and our program as possible. Below, you’ll find answers to questions we receive all the time. Got a question that we didn’t answer below? Check out our Contact Us page and we’ll get back to you.